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What's Included in UOB?

Instant Marketing & eCommerce Websites

We've included everything that you need to open your online business with beautifully designed websites and present your Herbalife® Business and Products.

Powerful Training

We've worked hands on with some of Herbalife®'s top leaders, including a Chairman’s Club member, to develop a simple-to-follow training platform that teaches you the Herbalife® business and let's you get started marketing immediately!

A Built In Community

You are in for a treat with TurboTalk - the UOB community platform. It's as simple as logging into your UOB back office every morning and you'll be greeted by a community of THOUSANDS of other Herbalife® distributors working their businesses, supporting each other, and sharing tips.

Social Media Marketing at Full Force

With the click of a button you can share and market your business on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. UOB lets you easily post relevant and interesting information to your social media profiles to let your contacts know more about your business in a professional manner.

Contact Manager

The UOB platform includes a powerful contact manager. For example you can, in one click, send out an email to a friend to come and learn more about your business, and then be instantly notified when they’ve checked it out. Being able to call and talk to them at the very moment they’ve finished watching a presentation is incredibly powerful!

Custom Email Campaigns

Simply enter a new prospect into your UOB contact manager and then let the system take over while it sends a consistent and professional series of emails to engage your prospect about the Herbalife® business and products.

Calendar & Task List

We've designed a Calendar and Task List system to help you manage your Herbalife® business on your schedule. Whether you're working part-time or full-time the Calendar & Task List will keep you organized and let you track your progress.

Tracking & Reports

You'll love the Tracking & Reporting tools bundled into the UOB back office. We've made it easy to track each and every action that your prospects make so you know exactly when to follow-up.

Broadcast Tools

You can send an email to your entire contact list with our Broadcast Tool. With our professionally designed email templates, you can send newsletters or training information to all of your prospects with the click of a mouse.

No Software or Hardware

Because we host, manage and upgrade your system, there's no software to install or additional hardware to purchase. It's like having your own technology team working for you.

More Features: Professional Account Level

Our feature-rich back office offers the following features with your account.


And Much, Much More...